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The new merchandise incorporate a sequence of large-tech and high quality chains and sprockets and gears, these kinds of as chains and gearboxes for agricultural machineries, metallurgical chains, escalator step-chains, higher-speed tooth chains, timing chains, self-lubrication chains, amongst which have variety substantial pace tooth chain for vehicle branch dynamic box and aerial chains fill in the blanks of chain in China. We will offer best providers and high top quality items with all sincerity. EPG will always adhere to it business spirit of being sensible, modern, effective and outstanding to make the best intercontinental transmission generate.
one. Introduction of EPT solitary row four position get in touch with ball slewing bearing
EPT is a skilled company in slewing ring bearings because 1993. We can also style and make other stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd and non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd ball bearings, roller bearings and precision bearings as for each customer’s various technological demands.
EPT bearing is also called slewing ring, slewing ring bearing, turntable bearing, and rotary bearing.
The solitary row ball slewing ring bearing is composed of two seat-rings. The balls speak to with the round race at 4 factors, through which the aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.al force, radial power and resultant second may possibly be born EPTTltaneously.

two. Construction of EPT slewing bearings
EPT ring bearings have various varieties as for each various buildings:
Solitary row ball slewing bearings
EPTT row ball slewing bearings
Crossed roller slewing bearings
Triple row roller slewing bearings
Flange slewing bearings

two. Thorough technical specs for the offshore crane slewing bearing:
Design No.: 011.75.3150
Brand name: EPT
No. Of rows: One row
Internal construction: Ball
EPT selection: External EPT
No. Of mounting holes: fifty six
Inside diameter: 2922mm
Outside diameter: 3376mm
No. Of EPT: 171
Thickness: 174mm
Weight: 2800kg

3. Why select EPT slewing bearings
A pioneer in slewing bearing subject, wealthy encounter, can do design, create, mounting XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.
Tiny orEPTTaccepted
SO licensed organization
Variorum types
7*24hours hotline to aid you with your cranes
Stringent high quality control system to make certain quality for slewing bearing

4. Application: For harbour and shipyard crane
Mine EPTT, port hoisting EPTT, port oil transfer gear, onshore and offshore crane, excavator, concrete EPTT, paper EPTT, plastic and rubber EPTT, weave EPTT, steel EPTT, electronic EPTT EPTT, wind EPTT generator, other development and industry EPTTs or equipments.
Software Fields:
Wind EPTT Field
EPTlurgical EPTTry
LigEPTT Industry
Port/Marine EPTTry
Armed forces EPT.
Metal Works EPT
Sewage Treatment Plant

five. EPTT Particulars for large diameter slewing bearing with pinion
1. EPTT surface area is protected with the anti-rust oil very first And then wrapped with the plastic film
two. And then packed with Kraft paper and expert belts
three. At final, with picket box totally at the outer EPTT to invoid the rust or the moist
four. We can depend on the buyers desire to be packed

None EPT Exterior EPT Internal EPT
571.twenty.200 011.20.200 /
571.twenty.224 011.twenty.224 /
571.twenty.250 011.20.250 /
571.twenty.280 011.20.280 /
571.twenty five.315 011.25.315 013.25.315
571.25.355 011.25.355 013.25.355
571.twenty five.400 011.twenty five.four hundred 013.25.400
571.twenty five.450 011.twenty five.450 013.25.450
571.30.500 011.30.500 013.thirty.five hundred
012.30.five hundred 014.30.five hundred
571.25.500 011.25.five hundred 013.twenty five.500
012.twenty five.five hundred 014.twenty five.500
571.thirty.560 011.30.560 013.thirty.560
012.thirty.560 014.thirty.560
571.25.560 011.twenty five.560 013.25.560
012.25.560 014.twenty five.560
571.30.630 011.thirty.630 013.30.630
012.thirty.630 014.30.630
571.25.630 011.twenty five.630 013.25.630
012.twenty five.630 014.twenty five.630
571.thirty.710 011.thirty.710 013.thirty.710
012.30.710 014.thirty.710
571.twenty five.710 011.twenty five.710 013.25.710
012.30.710 014.25.710
571.thirty.955.eleven / /
571.forty.800 011.40.800 013.40.800
012.40.800 014.40.800
571.thirty.800 011.thirty.800 013.30.800
012.thirty.800 014.30.800
571.40.900 011.40.900 013.40.900
012.40.900 014.forty.900
571.thirty.900 011.thirty.900 013.30.900
012.thirty.900 014.30.900
571.40.one thousand 011.forty.one thousand 013.40.1000
012.40.one thousand 014.40.a thousand
571.thirty.a thousand 011.30.1000 013.thirty.one thousand
012.30.a thousand 014.30.1000
571.forty.1120 011.forty.1120 013.forty.1120
012.40.1120 014.40.1120
011.40.1120.12K /
012.40.1120.12K1 /
571.thirty.1120 011.30.1120 013.thirty.1120
012.30.1120 014.thirty.1120
571.forty five.1250 011.forty five.1250 013.45.1250
011.45.1250 014.45.1250
571.35.1250 011.35.1250 013.35.1250
011.35.1250 014.35.1250
571.45.1400 011.45.1400 013.forty five.1400
012.45.1400 014.45.1400
571.35.1400 011.35.1400 013.35.1400
012.35.1400 014.35.1400
571.forty five.1600 011.forty five.1600 013.forty five.1600
012.45.1600 014.forty five.1600
571.35.1600 011.35.1600 013.35.1600
012.35.1600 014.35.1600
571.forty five.1800 011.45.1800 013.forty five.1800
012.45.1800 014.45.1800
011.45.1800.05 /
571.35.1800 011.35.1800 013.35.1800
012.35.1800 014.35.1800
571.sixty.2000 011.60.2000 013.sixty.2000
012.sixty.2000 014.sixty.2000
012.60.2000.12K /
571.40.2000 011.40.2000 013.forty.2000
012.40.2000 014.40.2000
571.60.2240 011.60.2240 013.sixty.2240
012.sixty.2240 014.60.2240
571.40.2240 011.40.2240 013.40.2240
012.forty.2240 014.40.2240
571.sixty.2500 011.sixty.2500 013.60.2500
012.60.2500 014.sixty.2500
571.forty.2500 011.forty.2500 013.40.2500
012.40.2500 014.40.2500
571.sixty.2800 011.sixty.2800 013.60.2800
012.60.2800 014.60.2800
571.forty.2800 011.forty.2800 013.forty.2800
012.forty.2800 014.forty.2800
571.seventy five.3150 011.seventy five.3150 013.75.3150
012.seventy five.3150 014.seventy five.3150
571.50.3150 011.50.3150 013.50.3150
012.fifty.3150 014.50.3150
571.75.3550 011.75.3550 013.75.3550
012.75.3550 014.seventy five.3550
571.fifty.3550 011.50.3550 013.50.3550
012.fifty.3550 014.50.3550
571.75.4000 011.75.4000 013.75.4000
012.seventy five.4000 014.75.4000
571.50.4000 011.50.4000 013.fifty.4000
012.50.4000 014.fifty.4000
571.seventy five.4500 011.75.4500 013.75.4500
012.75.4500 014.seventy five.4500
571.fifty.4500 011.fifty.4500 013.fifty.4500
012.fifty.4500 014.fifty.4500

  in Doha Qatar  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Big Size Slewing Ring Bearing Ball Bearingfor Construction Machinery  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Doha Qatar  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Big Size Slewing Ring Bearing Ball Bearingfor Construction Machinery  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler