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Lemon Yoke End Yoke For PTO Shaft

An accurate way to determine which series of PTO you have is to take 2 measurements of the cross and bearing kit on the tractor-end of the driveline. Using calipers, first measure the outside diameters of the PTO u-joint caps, which would be the same as measuring the inside holes of the yoke ears.
Secondly, measure the u-joint end-to-end both ways. Match these measurements using a cross and bearing identification chart (Metric or North American) and the remaining PTO components needed for the complete driveline required can be determined with ease.

Code For U-Joint

For example

1. One end yoke

2. The series of cross kit

3. The other end Yoke

How to Identify an Agricultural PTO Driveline (Non-CV).

An agricultural power take-off (PTO) driveline is a drive-shaft type device that connects a tractor to the farming implement it needs to operate. The connection provided by the driveline allows the implement to draw power directly from the tractor’s engine. Much like fluid hydraulic mechanisms, PTO drivelines will eventually break down from the rigors of daily farming projects and need to be replaced or repaired. When it is necessary to replace or repair a PTO driveline, it is important to choose the correct components applicable to the specific equipment in use. In order to choose the replacements correctly, you will need to know the answers to these 4 questions about your particular driveline:
1. What type of equipment will the driveline be used for? (Identity by application).
2. What are the individual driveline components that need to be replaced?
3. What is the shape of the shaft and tube? (This indicates whether the driveline is North American or Metric).
4. What are the dimensions of the cross kit? (This determines the series of the driveline).

PTO Shaft for Sale

PTO shafts may be designed to withstand pressure, impact, or tension according to different applications. These PTO shaft parts can be equipped with a shear pin or slip clutch to protect them against common obstacles. There are several different PTO shafts and each type has its unique characteristics.

The PTO shafts are available in 2 styles, North American and Italian. The latter type utilizes an universal joint to distribute power from the tractor to the attached implements. The 2 styles are not identical, however, and the differences between them are important. One type of PTO shaft is a non-shear version, which has a yoke-to-yoke arrangement. Non-shear versions are ideal for massive lawn mowers, and non-shear PTO shafts have a yoke-to-yoke arrangement.

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